2018 AIMExpo New Product Showcase

//2018 AIMExpo New Product Showcase

The 2018 AimExpo New Product Showcase. It was a brand new event. The Motorcycle Industry Council created this opportunity for the industry’s biggest annual gathering. The purpose was to highlight the greatest of the latest products coming to the market. It was done for the working media from around the world covering the event. It was also open to the motorcycle enthusiasts who came to the show in Las Vegas, or who followed it online.

The 2018 AIMExpo New Product Showcase. It was a really big deal to a small business like ours. We went full throttle and gave it our best shot. For Lightning Strike, it was a chance to share a lane with some of the biggest companies in the motorcycle industry. We had hope but no guarantees.

We submitted our newest product. We named it B.O.L.T. The name stands for Beam Optic Lighting Technology. B.O.L.T. offers a wireless option of our original Gen 1 Lightning Strike lights for increasing the visibility of the front of your motorcycle. This product is designed to make installation easier than ever.

Lightning Strike Co-Founder Judd Smith has been working hard on the new product development. It was a lot like cramming for a mid-term or final exam. Lots of thought and effort. Lots of long days and nights. And lots of pressure to deliver and get it done right. Road testing is next.

We were very excited when we got the good news. Lightning Strike and B.O.L.T. were selected to be featured in the 2018 AIMExpo New Product Showcase. With the event taking place in Las Vegas, it seems like 13 was in fact a lucky number. 13 new products got accepted out of nearly 100 applications which were submitted. We joined the likes of Parts Unlimited, Tucker, Kawasaki, Honda, Harley-Davidson, and more.

Below is the video we were provided of Lightning Strike’s presentation in the 2018 AIMExpo New Product Showcase. We apologize for their audio, and that they began recording while we were already in progress of presenting. 😊

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