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Please excuse us. We can’t do a typical About Us page. It’s not how we roll at Lightning Strike. It’s not how we ride as motorcyclists. Our brains, our business are wired to be different…and to make a difference. Here’s the story of our veteran-owned and female-owned business.

It’s based in a love story. Judd Smith and Karla Flores founded Lightning Strike. The couple loves motorcycles. They were business partners first. Now, they are also co-riders for life as husband and wife.

Judd Smith is a U.S. Veteran. He served in the United States Air Force, receiving an honorable discharge. Following his service, he was a Senior Technical Support Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace. His background is in aviation safety, participating in crash analyses and investigations with the FAA and NTSB.

Judd also has a unique skill set and mindset. It enables him to make or fix just about anything. Designing a patented motorcycle safety lighting system from scratch? Judd’s idea of fun.

Karla Flores-Smith has worked hard to drive her business career. She has a solid track record in corporate sales, with talent, passion, and a specialty in helping people with their healthcare needs.

Like you, Judd and Karla discovered the thrills of riding. They did so later in life. Safety mattered. Their combined backgrounds made the roadmap for Lightning Strike. They couldn’t help but see the dangers on the road.

  1. More drivers on the road than ever.
  2. More distracted drivers on the road than ever.
  3. Drivers are challenged seeing motorcycles and riders more than ever.


Size Does Matter with Motorcycles.

Size matters. It matters greatly for motorcycle riders in accidents with bigger and heavier cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Brace for impact. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) fatality statistics show the chilling size discrepancy. There are nearly 5,000 motorcycle deaths a year in the U.S. motorcycle accidents. Fatalities happen 29 times more frequently than car crash fatalities. Hit the brakes. Think about that.

Lack of visibility is the dominating cause in motorcycle accidents. Most involve a “failure to yield.” We asked other riders about this daily danger. All recognized it was a serious and scary problem. But most could only give a lighthearted answer. We heard things like, “Welcome to riding.” “That’s why I don’t lose weight. Need the extra padding.” “Make sure you have a will.” Or, “Just hope it’s not you today.”

We couldn’t turn a blind eye to motorcycles not being seen. We wanted a solution. We visited local motorcycle shops. We shopped online. We searched online, too, from Google to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website.

Just like the problem of drivers not seeing motorcycles, we didn’t see anything to fix it. A total lack of visibility. 

Back to being older, and wiser. We took action. We created a solution for preventing many motorcycle accidents BEFORE they happen. In 2014, we formed Lightning Strike, LLC in Gilbert, Arizona. We designed and manufactured our customized motorcycle safety systems. We began selling them all over the world. We even got a patent (US 10,046,695).

The patent describes it as a “vehicle visibility system.” Call it what you will:

  • Motorcycle safety lights.
  • Flashing, high-intensity LEDs.
  • Advanced traffic warning system.
  • A motorcyclist’s anti-collision system.
  • The solution for drivers telling police after motorcycle accidents, “Officer, I never saw him!”

Finally, motorcycle riders have a fighting chance to PREVENT ACCIDENTS BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. With the push of a button, Lightning Strike lights can get the attention of drivers including:

  • texting teens and tired truckers
  • challenged senior citizens and chatty soccer moms
  • those feeling under the weather, and those driving under the influence

Now there’s a better way, a safer way. Say goodbye to the self-abuse plan of intentionally laying down your bike, hoping it (and you) don’t get hurt too badly. Say hello to Lightning Strike.

As a company, we need to generate sales to “keep the lights on.” But we’re driven by saves, more so than sales.

  • Saving lives. We’re talking about you or a loved one. Men and women. Husbands and wives. Girlfriends and boyfriends. Sons, daughters, grandparents, and grandchildren. Co-workers, neighbors, and friends. Fellow riders.


  • Saving you from financial loss. There is often a steep price to pay with damage from collisions and near misses. Medical bills, property loss, and loss of wages, show no mercy in adding insult to injury.


  • Saving you from emotional loss. Pain and suffering are no accident with motorcycle crashes. There can be grieving loss, shattered bodies and shattered dreams. And too often, bad motorcycle accidents drive such fear, they take the fun out of riding.


Motorcycle safety isn’t exciting. It’s not pleasant either. The closest many riders get to thinking about safety is buying a helmet or leather. But remember, you wear them for when an accident happens. We’re here to help you BEFORE accidents happen. “It won’t happen to me” isn’t a plan.

Some view motorcycle safety like insurance (and we all buy that). Suddenly Bam! You totally need your protection, or regret you didn’t have it.

We hope “today isn’t your day.” We hope tomorrow isn’t either. But if there’s a motorcycle involved, Lighting Strike is ready and waiting. We’re here as a friend, a resource, and a solution when you realize you need more than hope. Just push a button and let Lightning Strike do the rest.

The smartphone technology made a bigger problem for motorcyclists. But the technology behind the patented, Lightning Strike system made for the solution.

Join us in taking the smart road for motorcycles. Drive safely. Do all you can now. It’s every rider’s responsibility to be seen.

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