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Enjoy tremendous power with the new B.O.L.T. Just push a button for real help avoiding accidents BEFORE they happen.  You’ll get 2 optical LED modules, one for each side of the front of your motorcycle. These LEDs are programmed to blast high-intensity beams of light in an eye-catching wig-wag pattern. It’s rapid-fire at 150 flashes per minute (FPM). Hello distracted drivers!


(COMING SOON. Currently being Road-Tested Prior to Production).


B.O.L.T. stands for “Beam Optic Lighting Technology.” It is the 2nd generation of our motorcycle safety lighting system.


New and improved features of B.O.L.T.


  • B.O.L.T. is wireless.

Our original Lightning Strike lights were hard-wired. BOLT takes advantage of wireless technology. It’s a reliable RF-based, optical LED lighting system. Hermetically sealed. Water-resistant. Made with durable, Lexan fronts for shatter resistance. Standard colors are amber and white.


  • Easy installation.

Now it’s a breeze. No more taking hours by an expensive hired professional. You can install BOLT in minutes yourself. No wiring or drilling. No mechanic, handyman (or handywoman) experience necessary.

2 Quick-Disconnect Mounts attach securely to bars or flat surfaces. Available in different angle profiles to keep lights aiming straight ahead. Matching light modules slide onto mounts using our custom, slide-lock feature. Remove in seconds when parked. Clean, low-profile factory look. Available in chrome or matte black finish.


B.O.L.T. Keeps Lightning Strike’s Popular Features:


  • Ease of use. The “Bullet” Activation Switch mounts to the left handgrip on the motorcycle handlebars. Safe. No need to look down. Big button is depressed with your left thumb. Easy to find, even wearing gloves. Push once to activate lights. Push button again to turn off system.


  • Motorcycle Brand-Friendly. Fits Harley-Davidson, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, and more. Universal parts are not specific to any brand of motorcycle.


  • Same Patented Product. The U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) assigned the Lightning Strike Founders patent # US 10,046,695. (Link to patent page).


  • Customer Service. Proud to have same “old school” values. Get help and questions answered by friendly professionals. All kits include general installation instructions. Click here if you need more in-depth product information.


  • 1-year, “No-Hassle” Warranty. Though you shouldn’t expect to need it. 😊


COMING SOON. Safer motorcycle riding has never been easier.



Disclaimer: B.O.L.T. systems are specially designed to increase a motorcycle’s visibility. They do not guarantee collision avoidance. Check your local vehicle regulations before purchasing or using this product.




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