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Buying ice anywhere is cheap. Buying a rare piece of cool can cost you a fortune. That’s if you want to buy Steve McQueen’s 1936 Indian Chief Motorcycle. The icon’s bike is now up for sale by Duncan Hamilton Rofgo, Ltd. It’s a high-end global dealer located south of London, England.

The King of Cool

As a man and an actor, Steve McQueen, was known as “The King of Cool.” By all accounts it wasn’t a nickname given to him. It was well-earned.

By the time cancer took Steve McQueen’s life in 1980, he had owned around 150 motorcycles. His wife, Barbi, is on the record saying Indian Motorcycle was his favorite brand. Proof of his loyalty is Steve bought and rode several dozens of them. He was often seen and photographed wearing Indian Motorcycle t-shirts. He rode the brand right up until the end of his personal road.

Indian was the first motorized vehicle he owned. After his military service in the United States Marine Corps, Steve McQueen moved to New York City in the early 1950s. It was there he was introduced to acting. It was there he was introduced to Indian. His first had a sidecar. Legend has it many female companions in the Greenwich Village area found their way into that sidecar.


Cool Bike on Ice

Cool Steve McQueen’s 1936 Indian Chief Motorcycle has been on ice since 1984. It was sold then as part of the famous McQueen Estate Auction held in Las Vegas. If you want to become the new King (or Queen) of Cool and own this rare piece of American pop culture, you’ll need to contact Duncan Hamilton Rofgo for a quote and a closer look.

Buying Steve McQueen’s 1936 Indian Chief Motorcycle comes with the original certificate of authenticity. You’ll also receive the signed bill of sale, and the official odometer reading statement from the 1984 auction.

Surely, there’s plenty of coolness left on Steve McQueen’s 1936 Indian Motorcycle. How cool would it be to own this?

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