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Lightning Strike Lights Are Easy to Use


Lighting Strike lights are easy to use. They had to be. Here’s why.

You’re a motorcyclist. So, you’re a multi-tasker. You have life responsibilities. Maybe more than you want. You balance and manage those as best you can.

You’re a motorcyclist. So, you’re also in love with this living, breathing thing on 2 wheels. It calls you. “Let’s hit the road!” Then it lights up your life, every time you do.

Even when riding your motorcycle, you’re a multi-tasker. Again, you must balance…for safety. Plus, you manage tasks like speed, field of vision, traffic, and navigation. Oh yeah. We can’t forget the growing epidemic of unaware and distracted driving.


Easy to Use Lightning Strike Lights Lighten Your Load


They take on your arch-nemesis, that army of unaware and distracted drivers. These motorcycle safety lights increase your visibility…to help prevent accidents BEFORE they happen. Wait until you see the looks on the faces of those behind the wheel of cars, trucks, and SUVs…when they see YOU!

Safer riding has never been easier. It’s literally at the push of a button.



Added Visibility and Protection vs. Foes in Front of your Motorcycle.


This is for our new wireless BOLT and Gen 1 Lighting Strike lights. They use a grip-mounted bullet switch, strategically placed on your handlebars. This allows you to activate our systems by simply pressing a bullet with your thumb. We ergonomically designed them to be easy to find even if you’re wearing a riding glove. When you need to be noticed, every split-second counts. No taking your eyes off the road to search for a button…just prior to crunch time.


Added Visibility and Protection vs. Risks Behind your Motorcycle.


Our Flashback system doesn’t even require pushing a button. Once installed, every time you feel the need to hit your brakes, your Flashback light gets activated. 9 times a second, high-intensity, optical LEDs flash your location to help prevent scary threats coming up from behind. Flashback automatically has your back.

Helping protect you and your motorcycle to avoid accidents from both ends just had to be. Because at Lightning Strike, we not only care about the special love relationship you have with 2 wheels.

We share it.

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