Motorcycle riders asked. Lightning Strike listened. They loved buying our motorcycle safety lights for the front. But, they also wanted to increase their bike’s rear visibility. They wanted front and back anti-collision protection. So, we created the Flashback system in 2015.

Before we tell you more, let’s show you. Aside from seeing with your own two eyes, we’ve learned video is better than photography for showing the power of Flashback.


Flashback Functions


  • Alerts drivers behind you of your location


  • Alerts them to your slowing or stopping


Flashback combines 3 high-intensity, optical LEDs into 1 module. The middle LED shines straight ahead. The others shine on a 10-degree angle, adding more side visibility.

Flashback is better and brighter than standard brake lights. It features municipal quality lighting. Think of what police, fire, and emergency vehicles use. In average conditions, most drivers can see your motorcycle’s warning light from ½ mile away or more.

We tested these intelligent, optical LEDs. Results showed a 1-second flashing duration attracted optimal reaction. Within that 1-second, Flashback shouts your location with 9 rapid-fire blasts of light. Talk about valuable in sudden stopping situations.


Give Me a Brake with this Light


We did. The Flashback system couldn’t be easier.

It responds to your motorcycle’s existing brake activity. You apply the brakes activating your brake light. Flashback also gets activated. Plus, it shuts off automatically.

We only make Flashback in red. This matches the brake light color drivers should recognize.


Flashback Additional Product Features:


  • Lights are 3.75 inches around by 1-inch long.


  • Brightness of 2300 Lumens.


  • Available in 2 configurations:

– License plate mount. You can adjust the angle with this version.

– Flat surface mount. For your trunk, tour pack, or trailer.


  • Lexan lens is extremely durable. Doesn’t shrink, pucker, or fade.


  • All circuit logic is built into the light module. No separate electrical controller. No cutting electrical harness. Just a hot and a ground wire with connectors included for joining your existing brake signal wire.


Show off your rear end. Ride a brighter future with Flashback.



Disclaimer: Flashback systems are specially designed to increase a motorcycle’s visibility. They do not guarantee collision avoidance. Check your local vehicle regulations before purchasing or using this product.


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