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Gen 1 Lightning Strike is our company’s first product. It consists of high-intensity, optical LEDs which go on both sides of the front of your motorcycle. They flash in a wig-wag motion at 150 times per minute. Their purpose is to increase the visibility of you and your motorcycle. Getting you seen can help keep you safe. All this with the push of a button.




The button to activate this motorcycle safety system is easy to use, and easy to find. Is there an unaware or distracted driver who doesn’t see you? If so, the last thing you need is to take your eyes off the road, and the collision you’re desperately trying to avoid.

Our grip-mounted bullet switch is ergonomically designed, even if you wear riding gloves. Located ideally on the handlebars, it lets you easily press a button with your thumb. Every split second counts in keep close calls from becoming serious accidents.



Gen 1 Lightning Strike lights work with all motorcycle brands. There are 4 mounting styles:

  • Tapered
  • Bar
  • Fork
  • Flat

Customers around the world have made the engine guards (crash bars or highway bars) our most popular mounting method. We offer different size mounts to fit nicely onto different size bars. The best-selling kit is the 1.25″ bar size. (NOTE: It’s very important to know your bar size before ordering).

All mounts are made of aircraft Billet Aluminum. You can order them in a mirror-polished finish or black matte finish. You can also do custom paint on your mounts. For these you can order a raw, unfinished smooth surface. (Please specify when ordering). Mounting is usually done using screws which attach the lights and mounts to the bar, or by gluing them in place.




The Gen 1 Lightning Strike system uses 12 Vdc for operation. The lights draw less than 1 amp off the battery when in action. You’ll get easy to follow, detailed instructions with your kits. Our wiring advice recommends installations connecting directly to the battery. You’ll also get fuse protection for this. Most customers do their wiring to the lights inside the bar. This makes for a stylish, professional look.


We trust you’re a serious motorcyclist. Therefore, we know you know where you’re going on your bike. We also know you’re always looking at the road ahead of you. You are not the problem. Unaware and distracted driving is.

Many drivers have trouble seeing motorcycles on the road. These days it’s often because they’re paying more attention to their smartphones than they are you and your motorcycle. We experienced this problem first hand. That’s what drove us to researching and creating our Gen 1 Lightning Strike product.

We hope you enjoy riding with it. There are priceless benefits to being safe, and being seen.


Disclaimer: Lightning Strike Systems are designed to increase your visibility. They do not guarantee collision avoidance. Also, verify your local vehicle lighting regulations before purchasing or using Gen 1 Lightning Strike.


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