Here is basic information for the installation of Lightning Strike Motorcycle Safety Lights. Every product purchased also comes with detailed directions enclosed in the packaging.

What is Required to Install the Flashback Lighting System? 

Flashback is hard-wired to the motorcycle.  Your power to activate the system comes from the motorcycle’s brake wiring.

A simple, 2-wire connection is all that’s required.  Your Flashback lighting system comes with 4 feet of wiring. It is  attached for routing from the rear of your motorcycle to its wiring harness.  On some applications, a wire hole and screw holes may be required.  The Flashback installation process generally takes approximately 30 minutes. That’s for someone who is qualified and experienced, or at least good with following the installation instructions we provide.


What is Required to Install the Original Lightning Strike System?

This is our first-generation, front-facing product, Lightning Strike. It is hard-wired to the front of your motorcycle.  Your power to activate the system comes from the motorcycle battery.

Standard installation of this system is accomplished by drilling holes into the bars where they will be mounted.  Wires holes also need to be drilled to run the wires internally.  The Lightning Strike installation process takes approximately 2 hours for a qualified person experienced with installation of this product.


What is Required to Install the B.O.L.T. Motorcycle Safety Lighting System?

This is our newest product. In fact, it’s brand new. So, more installation details will be coming soon. Here’s what we can tell at this point. B.O.L.T. is the second-generation of our front-facing product.

B.O.L.T. functions the same as our Gen-1 high-intensity, optical LED lights. However, this product is a wireless system. It is a self-powered, and rechargeable design. B.O.L.T. uses radio-frequency (RF) signals to operate its wireless functions.

Easy installation requires no drilling or wire routing. The light modules are kept in place with a powerful self-adhesive, and our custom, quick-lock mounting system. The B.O.L.T. system can be installed in approximately 15 minutes. Then, you’re free to bolt, and enjoy a nice, long ride on your motorcycle

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