Meet the Gooniez Grom Squad

//Meet the Gooniez Grom Squad

Motorcycle Old School? Not a chance. Safety first? No way. The Gooniez Grom Squad couldn’t be further from it. Make no mistake about it. They ride with a “Fun First” passion. They knowingly seek thrills. They seriously risk spills. Welcome to 2018.

All loves of motorcycles are not alike. You don’t need one of our optical LED motorcycle lights to see this.

Sure, many rider stories have common themes. There are the “motorcycle therapy” reasons. These include riding to stay young at heart, to escape the confines of stress and boredom, to savor the sacred freedoms of riding truly open roads, and more. Some riders have a genuine need for speed.

Every motorcyclist knows there are degrees of danger. But we refuse to let those fears put the brakes on what we do for love.

Those in the Gooniez Grom Squad have that common calling to ride motorcycles. They share your love for adventure on two-wheels. But truth be told…they’re more driven by fun which can only be found on one wheel.


You could say doing wheelies is in their wheelhouse. That would be an understatement. Their riding is more about harnessing the power of small bikes to master big-time stunts. Motorcycle safety? Well friends, that’s a bonus.

The Gooniez represent more than a unique riding style. It’s a unique lifestyle. Members have careers, classes, or both. Yet they gladly kick those responsibilities to the curb for chances to live on the edge in every lane.

There’s no holding back the possibilities of their small motorcycles…unless of course you’re talking about the handlebars.

The Gooniez Grom Squad is not a violent motorcycle gang. It’s more like a modern melting pot. Combine a social media and selfie-taking mindset with a thirst for thrills and attention. Add a love for the Honda Grom or similar motorcycles, with a desire for connection. Now you get the Gooniez community.

They practice together. They perform together. They laugh together and at each other. They try to outdo each other. But they are quick to pick up and help repair each other’s injured bikes, bodies, and egos when they fall. In this group, they ride to be with friends, and make new ones, too. They say this includes efforts to have a working relationship with police.

The Gooniez Grom Squad calls it fun. Plenty of others call their way of riding…crazy, dangerous, or dumb.

The members know it. But they know they like it. They also know more and more riders want to join them. Here’s proof. The Gooniez have grown from Orange County, California to having a chapter in the Bay Area. They’ve also expanded to Las Vegas, Nevada, and Washington in the Pacific Northwest. They’re not done.

Reality is changing lanes.

Riding groups like the Gooniez are part of a growing trend. It’s a force easily recognized in a motorcycle industry struggling to find growth. This type of motorcycle joy riding isn’t just for young people. There are no age, ethnic, economic or other barriers to entry. While it’s mostly men of all ages and backgrounds, women are also welcomed.


When the Honda Grom came out in 2014, it was more than a new motorcycle. It quickly created a new way of riding. It quickly created a new segment within the motorcycle industry.

The affordable small bike was a big hit overnight. It became the vehicle of choice for many riders with an inner daredevil dying for an outlet. Move over touring bikes, cruisers, and choppers. New freedom of expression? Oh yeah.

Earlier this month, the Gooniez Grom Squad had a high-profile presence during the Powersports Week in Las Vegas. The week included BikeFest, the AIMExpo presented by Nationwide, and other events.

The Gooniez Grom Squad was a featured display at the AIMExpo 2018. It was in an area called “Moto Culture.” Consider they were given a large showcase at the motorcycle industry’s biggest annual event for free. Anything else you need to know about their mighty mojo in the biker business?


Just a short distance away at the expo, Lightning Strike was exhibiting our motorcycle safety lighting systems. Our team met a bunch of the Gooniez Grom Squad members. We were worlds apart in close proximity. Yet we showed we could get along easily despite any cultural and philosophical differences. We talked with each other. We listened to each other. We shared insights. We asked questions. We had conversations based on love of motorcycles. We even explored safety.

Just as we did with other connections at the expo, we invited the leaders of the Gooniez Grom Squad to do a video interview with us. The edited version is embedded below. It features Douglas Lee and Richard Lee. You can’t help but see how these brothers look alike. You can’t help but hear their similar views and love for the Gooniez Grom Squad and riding motorcycles. Special thanks to #DouglasLee & #Teamblaze_weez.

Maybe this resonates with you. Maybe it doesn’t. You decide. One thing’s pretty much a guarantee. It’ll sure be hard to take your eyes off this video for the next 2+ minutes.


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