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We love the Lightning Strike motorcycle safety lights. We’re passionate about the difference they can make for you, or motorcycle riders you love.

Helping prevent accidents BEFORE they happen just makes sense, doesn’t it? The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) called our vehicle visibility system “a new and useful invention.” It’s good for motorcycle operators and passengers. It’s good for distracted car and truck drivers. But the heck with us pounding our chests.

Don’t you want to know what motorcycle riders think? Don’t you want to know what safety and law enforcement experts think? We thought so. Here are their testimonials:


Sandra Aguilera, 1st Female Arizona Highway Patrol Officer, Member Steel Horse Sisterhood   

“I’ve ridden Harleys, Hondas, Kawasakis, and a BMW. Inattention, distracted driving is the worst. The reason I feel Lightning Strike is so important is people are just not looking. The strobing, the lights flashing is going to draw the attention of distracted and impaired drivers in most cases.

Lightning Strike lights are the best self-defense tool any motorcycle rider can have for getting seen by drivers.”




William G. Bernel, Awarded California Motorcyclist Safety Project Instructor of the Year

“I was a certified instructor with the California Motorcyclist Safety Program – Motorcycle Safety Foundation for 27 years. I also served as an expert witness in court cases involving motorcycle accidents.

Having ridden motorcycles for 52 years and hundreds of thousands of miles, there is absolutely no doubt rider visibility is paramount to rider safety. When a car driver violates the motorcyclist’s right of way causing a crash, the first words out of the driver’s mouth are often, “I never saw him.”

I can think of nothing better in attracting a car driver’s attention to the presence of a motorcyclist than the bright flashing lights of Lightning Strike. The system may not be a cure all. But it will definitely enhance the motorcycle rider’s safety. The rider’s responsibility to be seen never ends.”



Al Contreras, Phoenix Police, Retired

I am a retired Phoenix Police Motor Officer. I rode motors for 28 years. You installed a Lightning Strike system on my personal motorcycle. The lights are much brighter than my headlight. Having used it multiple times, I see the drivers in other vehicles looking at me.  The amber LED lights really draw the attention of drivers in the opposite direction. I’m sure these lights have “saved” me a time or two.

I believe the Lightning Strike system is well worth the price in safety and peace of mind. I highly recommend this system.”



Scott Frisby, Zero Motorcycles

“Thank you for a wonderful life-saving product.  Of all the safety equipment I have installed onto my Zero DSR, the Lightning Strike strobe lights are the most important things of all.

I commute 80 miles every day on my bike in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This includes many stretches of stop-and-go traffic where I share the lanes with my fellow drivers.  Since my Zero DSR is 100% electric, the most important thing for my continued safety is that I be seen by other drivers and recognized as a motorcycle.  The Lightning Strike lights do just that.  As I carefully share the freeway with the thousands of drivers here, your strobes catch the attention of the drivers in front of me and give them the time to move over a foot or two and allow me to safely pass.  I can see them—four or five cars ahead—identifying me as a motorcycle and moving over to share the lane with me.  It is a safety feature I have grown to love and depend on every day.

My commute also takes me from the “flatland” of Silicon Valley up into the Santa Cruz mountains.  The LED Lightning Strikes also provide me with additional lighting as I climb up into the fog, drizzle, and rain that is so prevalent in mountain passes.  They are truly the most important safety feature that I’ve added to my bike.”



Lauri McQuaid & Ross Teneycke, Saskatchewan, Canada

“We purchased Lightning Strike lighting systems for each of our motorcycles in 2015. We believe they have made us much more visible, particularly to approaching vehicles who are turning left in front of us, or approaching from a side road. We often see head reactions from drivers as they notice the flashing lights. We believe these lighting systems are an essential safety device for any motorcycle. They improve visibility and will save lives.”


Larry Ruppert, Longtime Rider

“Since having your lights installed, I feel like I have avoided several accidents. In one instance, there was a pickup truck looking like they were going to pull out in front of me. I hit the lights, caught their attention, and they stayed where they were. I also use them at intersections where cars could pull in front of me. These motorcycle lights really seem to get their attention. Thanks for making such a great product!”


Steve Sidoti, 40-Year Rider, Contributor

“I couldn’t be happier. Just a wonderful product. I feel more visible. I actually do notice that drivers notice me now. In my 40-plus years of riding motorcycles, I’ve never felt safer.”






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