Motorcycle Training Instructor Shines Student’s Lights

//Motorcycle Training Instructor Shines Student’s Lights

Motorcycle safety. If anyone knows about this, it’s a training instructor. Motorcycle safety. If any training instructor knows about this, it’s Mike Hargrove. I know this because I learned it first hand.

In 2014, my love of motorcycles had reached full throttle. As a birthday gift, my greatest love, my beautiful wife Karla, enrolled me in a riding class. It was at The Riding Academy at Desert Wind Harley-Davidson in Mesa, Arizona. Without a doubt, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

I feel lucky because Mike Hargrove was my training instructor. He’s a no-nonsense, “walk the talk” kind of guy. A true motorcycle safety advocate. Mike’s not one to give you a passing grade just because you paid for the course. No, not at all. I had to earn my motorcycle endorsement. As a result, I’m a better and safer rider.

Motorcycle Training Rides Along with You

Having worked in aviation safety, I see myself as a safety-minded person. So, it’s a compliment when I tell you…Mike Hargrove got in my head. He not only taught me about motorcycle safety, but he enlightened me to the real-life vulnerability of riding. Every time I strap on my helmet for another adventure on two wheels, I think of what I took from Mike.

“I ride my motorcycle like I am invisible. I assume it’s like no one can see me.”

Too many times, this feels like fact not fiction.

Motorcycle Training Instructor Sees Value in Lightning Strike Lights

When I took Mike Hargrove’s riding class, I already had been working on developing the concept for our Lightning Strike motorcycle safety lights. After I completed the class, I asked Mike for his expert opinion. He thought the idea of a flash on-demand lighting system would be great for increasing the visibility of motorcycles. He thought it would be great for enhancing the safety of riders.

Having Mike Hargrove believe in my idea made me want to continue even more. His experience and credentials meant something to me. It’s still that way today when I hear him talk about our Lightning Strike lights. Thanks Mike, for being my motorcycle training instructor. Great teachers inspire students forever.

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