Tapered Mount Kit

Tapered Mount Kit


The tapered mount kit is similar to the bar mount. However, it also includes a 10-degree taper built into it. The tapered mount kit is ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE 1.25 BAR DIAMETER SIZE. That’s 1  1/4 inches.

This mount was made especially for engine guards. This is because they often have a built-in swept-back design. There is normally enough room on the bar for both your footpegs and new lights. It will correct the light angle to be straight-ahead.

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Kit includes:

2 Tapered Mounts

2 LED Light Modules

Mounting Hardware

Wire and Connectors

Bullet Switch

Installation Instructions


NOTE: To complete your order, we need you to give us the diameter of your left-hand grip. Using a tape measure or caliper, measure the area where the stainless steel bullet switch clamp will mount. A nice snug fit is required to prevent the clamp from moving when the switch button is depressed. (Example: 1.25″). Include the measurement in the space provided at checkout. We will include the proper size clamp with your order.



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