The 2018 Rocky Point Rally Recap

//The 2018 Rocky Point Rally Recap

Many words can describe the Rocky Point Rally 2018. It’s easily true whether you’re speaking English or Spanish. For now, let’s just think of it like the 5 M’s:

  • Motorcycles
  • Mexico
  • Mardi Gras
  • Madness
  • And in its own way…Magical.

The 2018 Rocky Point Rally was all of that. And some.

The 18th annual event was held this past weekend in Puerto Penasco, Sonora (also known as Rocky Point). It’s about a 200-mile ride from Phoenix, Arizona. Thousands rolled south of the border into the popular beach town on the shores of the beautiful Sea of Cortez. There were all kinds of motorcycles everywhere you turned. And all kinds of people were either riding or watching them.

Bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and those who love a good party came together for a long weekend where anything goes. The center stage for the fiesta takes place along a main stretch of town known as the Malecon. It’s the main beachfront district for shops, restaurants, and bars.

The parading went down streets filled with people and parked motorcycles. Most riders in the 2018 Rocky Point Rally often had just enough room to pass through the crowd. However, the limited space (and displays of limited clothing) didn’t stop engines from being throttled, or burnouts from filling the air with smoke.

The Lightning Strike team is no stranger to Puerto Penasco. From our home base in Gilbert, Arizona it is our getaway destination of choice. The 2018 Rocky Point Rally combined a place we love with the motorcycle community we love. Mexicans, Americans from states near and far, and even people from other countries all gathered just to have a good time.

Special thanks to our friends at Law Tigers for sponsoring the 2018 Rocky Point Rally. Thanks to El Oktopus for again wanting Lightning Strike to display our banner and lights right outside the restaurant. And thanks to all the bikers who made it such a worthwhile event for us to attend. Your interest in added safety with our motorcycle LED lights keeps us going.

Every motorcycle rally has its own personality. The traits are a combination of the location, the local culture and hosts, and the attendees. As you can see in the video below, the 2018 Rocky Point Rally showed again how unique it is.

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